Thursday, November 03, 2005

We would like to invite you to take part in our new research project for people who work in Small Businesses. To show our thanks, any respondent who qualifies and completes this brief 10-15 minute survey will receive a $3 reward, payable via PayPal

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Today we have a 15-20 minute survey about computer technology intended for professionals in various computer technology industries.
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Today's survey is about shopping and is for the primary grocery shopper in the household. It will take about 8 minutes and you'll earn 20 NFO reward points.

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Receive a $20 AMAZON Gift Certificate to participate for the Forrester Consumer Panel through Survey Spot. I was not a member so I joined and added the necessary information. I suggest you register for both listed below:

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Good Morning! Today is my first day posting to surveymom's blog. It is so exciting. I hope I can share with all of you the information you need to make extra income for those things you can't seem to buy with your major paycheck. Good luck!